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SA: gtheaddesk

why yes, I WOULD like some cheese with my whine.

Posted on 2009.22.03 at 15:05
How I feel about it all: crappycrappy
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Pain update: OW44530659

Lying down is good, and by good I mean a level between six and eight out of ten.

Sitting, not so much. A couple of minutes at a time is all I can manage right now. Which means I've had to drop out of ds_c6d_bigbang. I was considering it anyway, on account of all the other RL stuff, but I'm still really disappointed.ds_con_envy is still a go, since it won't take me as long and I can do a lot of that longhand.

I have a few Vicodins and a few muscle relaxers left. They work some but not a lot and not for long. And the Vicodin upsets my stomach, so bleh.

I'm going to call my neurologist for an MRI referral tomorrow. The doc-in-a-box I went to yesterday wouldn't do it because they were afraid of the insurance company. I can't go for an MRI up here because my insurance isn't accepted anywhere but SE Massachusetts and RI, and I'm in NE Mass. God bless America.

Phone update: Still can't find it. It's probably under some piece of furniture or something, which mean the chances of finding it in the near future are slim and OMG ARE YOU CRAZY?

RL is no longer an evil zombie serial killer. Now it's turning into an evil zombie serial killer with a bayonet. And possibly nuclear weapons.

Going to take a nap, now. The muscle relaxers and Vicodins might not work for very long, but they make great sleeping pills. I don't get how people LIKE feeling like that, wtf?


girlorchid at 2009-03-22 23:58 (UTC) ()
I;m so sorry :( I wish I could help. It's possible once an MRI has given you a better diagnosis that something like physical therapy will help. I know people who have had sciatica/back issues that it's really helped.

Have you tried phoning your phone? I lose my cell phone all the time and that's how I find it...I wish I could phone my keys, I lose them all the time too!

I hope you get a proper diagnosis and some useful treatment asap :(
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-03-23 00:17 (UTC) ()
My phone is OFF, because life is mean like that. :/ I wish there could be some kind of pager software I could install on my computer so I could press a key and some GPS kind of thing would tell me exactly where my phone/keys/etc. are.

If I'm not any better by morning I'm going back down to the ER and insist someone do an MRI right away. I don't think it's anything major, because my recent X-rays don't show anything, but it FEELS major, which I guess is what sciatic pain does. I have the name of a physical therapist, but I have to be referred by a primary physician (for insurance purposes, I'm sure--*saves rant for another day*).

*hugs* Thanks for the good thoughts, dear. :)
girlorchid at 2009-03-23 00:29 (UTC) ()
Gah! About the phone. That's just typical!

And yes, go and kick some heads tomorrow (not literally because that might hurt...) because that's the sort of pain no-one should have to put up with :(

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