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Lyric meme

Guess the song/artist. Crossposted to lyric_meme (which everyone oughta join, although don't look at it before you guess, because there are some answers revealed!).

1. She sang, "Hush, my love, Granny's little dove is going to take to the sky"

2. 'til the world turned to orange and the room went spinning round

3. I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear take the wheel and steer

4. Shirt, them a-tear up, trousers are gone.

5.'cause the fury and the broken thunder's come to match my raging soul

6. The way he moved, it was a sin, so sweet and true

7. Thanks to the women and the wives there's a chain link fence up eight feet high

8. Tight as a drum, loose as a gun holster

9. Jocko says "Yes," and I believe him when we talk about the things I say

10.It's all of us versus all that paper
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