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In Soviet Russia, internet spams YOU!

Posted on 2009.01.04 at 20:27


A hilarium of fangirls and boys
j_s_cavalcante at 2009-04-02 03:41 (UTC) ()
Well, I see "marketing strategy" in there, so I'm going to guess it doesn't concern penises. I'm going to guess it's something like "effective marketing strategies during a time of economic crisis." But that is just a wild guess. Were you wanting to market something in Russia? :)

My Russian transliteration skills are few, but I can usually transliterate Bulgarian, which is also written in Cyrillic, though it's a little different. Anyway, it looks something like: Opredelenie marketingovoi strategii v periyl krizisa

Edited at 2009-04-02 03:42 (UTC)
nyn17 at 2009-04-17 13:24 (UTC) ()
Huh, Bulgarian, really? May I(being Bulgarian) ask how come? :)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-04-17 16:14 (UTC) ()
I know nothing about Bulgarian v. Russian as far as typing goes, but I have a friend who's Bulgarian and she says the way the alphabet is written is slightly different. She may have told me how, but I probably didn't understand what she meant because I don't speak or write either language.
nyn17 at 2009-04-17 17:17 (UTC) ()
Yeah, the alphabet's mostly the same, with a few additional letters in Russian and they're both Slavic languages, so they have a lot of similarities(that's mostly why I understood that Russian :P).
I was just curious why j_s_cavalcante knows how to transliterate Bulgarian of all languages.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-04-17 18:04 (UTC) ()
Ah. That one I couldn't answer at all. ;)

I'm planning on learning Russian when life stops being chaotic, for no other reason than I love the sound of it and I've always wanted to learn a language with an alphabet other than my own. Oh, yeah, and to be able to read _scally's LJ posts. :)
A hilarium of fangirls and boys
j_s_cavalcante at 2009-04-17 19:13 (UTC) ()
You are? Zdravé! Totally cool. (I can't actually use Cyrillic characters without a bunch of codes, hee. Even if I remembered how to spell anything.)

Mind you, I don't speak Bulgarian, just remember a little bit from the distant past. :) It's really a lovely language and much, much nicer sounding (and easier to pronounce) than Russian. :)

The explanation is here, in the Eight Truths and Two Lies meme. It's item #3. If you read the rest, just note that there are non worksafe photos under the cut (some hyper-endowed, naked male dolls. Really. :) Also in the comments, more discussion of Bulgarian divas (so to speak) and some speculation as to how Bulgarian folk culture thrived when others in Eastern Europe were suppressed.

I am guessing RayK would tell me I'm a freak. :)
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