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DT: roland stagedance
Posted on 2009.29.04 at 11:49


peacey at 2009-04-30 11:24 (UTC) ()
I'm hypersensitive to opiates, so they upset my stomach.

This makes me cry.

I also don't like the foggy spaciness.

See, now I don't get this when I take Vicodin. If anything, my senses feel heightened. I also don't feel at all spacey. The best way to describe the effect, for me, is pleasantly floaty.

...but it's not helping the cause.

When the only thing that will help the cause is major surgery that your doctor is telling you to avoid for as long as possible, pain relief is the alpha and omega.

Also, icon LOVE. :)

Isn't it great? Can't take credit, alas. I'm going to make a "Gaius approves..." one. Cuz Gaius is candy.
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