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yawkey way
Posted on 2009.28.05 at 19:32
where am I: still owie, still in tewksbury
How I feel about it all: blahblah
Soundtrack: Randy's show of awesome
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I love the Onion so, so, SO MUCH.

Manny to Papi: ROAD TRIP!!!


"You said there would be no baseball," said Ortiz, refusing to leave the car. "I hate baseball. I can't hit the baseball. You know that. If you care so much about me and baseball, why you leave me? Why you leave me by myself in Boston, Manny? Why you do that? Why you act so bad? Boston's a good place."


Charlie  Montney
songdogmi at 2009-05-29 03:52 (UTC) ()
That was pretty good. :)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-05-31 20:24 (UTC) ()
The Onion isn't my main news source, but I wish it was. ;)
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