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now's the time for we the people

Dear Mr. President,

I know you're trying to give us a decent health care system. I know you're doing it in a hostile environment run by big insurance. But I still don't think your idea goes far enough.

Why aren't you supporting H.R. 676?

*sigh* You don't have to answer; I know why (see second sentence). But really. Nothing's going to work right as long as insurance companies are in the mix. And a program that would force people to have insurance like we do on cars? Wrong way, Mr. President. Because it that's the case, there will still be plenty of poor people who won't be able to afford your 'public health option', no matter how 'affordable' it may be, and they'll keep on doing without until they get caught, just like the poor people who can't afford car insurance already do.

I realize I have no idea of how hard it must be for you to push for decent health care for everyone, so I'm gonna pass the talking stick over to this guy, who absolutely does:

Mr. President, your health care plan is better than what we have now. But it's not enough.

Listen to Al. I'm just sayin'.

Sincerely, your supporter,

Tags: al gore, barry is my president, epistolary, healthcare not warfare, hr 676
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