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DT: way to the tower

random post of randomness

Posted on 2009.13.06 at 10:34


suchthefangirl at 2009-06-21 16:17 (UTC) ()
I've done the Alaska Highway, and it's awesome.

Actually, I've done Routes 1 and 66 (if you do 1 on the west coast, all the way to the bottom, you are required to visit me. Can't offer you a room, but I could offer you a couch...)

If you chose to do Alaska, but you wait a little bit, then in four years from now, I could offer you a place to stay in Fairbanks (that's the plan, anyway; we hope to be there from '13-'15). There, we will have a spare bedroom for all who visit.

I think I missed your birthday. I am sooo sorry. I have been waaay behind on my flist. Summer break is taking its toll on my computer time. Hope it was happy, and that you back is doing better.

Awesome present.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-06-22 01:31 (UTC) ()
Birthday was very happy. :) Back is better enough that I'm back at work. Not all the way there, but the pain has gone way down (knocks on all kinds of wood).

I'd love to come visit Fairbanks! And there's a couple years to get financially ready for it. :D
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