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Toronto, dry and dirty version.

Posted on 2009.25.06 at 23:52
where am I: Warwick Roe Dyland
How I feel about it all: uncomfortableeep
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So, anyone know how long this is supposed to last? I'm kind of supposed to be there in mid-August.

Also, what's happening with the LCBO? Is liek, the entire province going on strike or something? WOE.

OTOH, if Ontario is dry this may convince mr_t00by that we might want to go to a city a tad closer to Québec. I would not likely complain about that. Hmmm....


Latter-day Jezebel
nmalfoy at 2009-06-26 08:48 (UTC) ()
If it helps, it was 108 here, which we usually don't hit till late August. So.... go somewhere cool, baby. Cause you cool.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-06-26 13:43 (UTC) ()
I was originally supposed to take my vacation, oh, THIS WEEK. mr_t00by and his gf and I had tickets for Macbeth at Stratford, but because of being out of work and therefore being utterly broke, we changed them to August, so we kind of have to go to Stratford. We figure we'd stay in London at this wonderful hostel (comfy and fun and free back-porch barbecue on Saturdays, whee!), do Stratford, and then go to Toronto for a few days (and stay at Clarence Castle, which is also made of win).

Personally, I'd rather go to Ottawa (because Ottawa/me = OTP) but mr_t00by is driving and says it's way too far. Either place can get pretty dang hot in summertime. The first time I was in Ottawa I left a couple of days early because eggs were practically frying on the sidewalks and being in my car with the AC cranked was better than hanging around a city where the temperature was on the high side of ninety at its coolest.

Oh, and also? UTTER ICON LOVE.

Edited at 2009-06-26 13:44 (UTC)
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