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DT: come reap

There's a better home awaiting in the sky, Lord, in the sky

Posted on 2003.12.09 at 08:16


peacey at 2003-09-13 05:16 (UTC) ()

Part of my childhood is gone

With the passing of Johnny Cash it feels as if another tether to my childhood has slipped away. I can recall with precise clarity hearing his music waft from the old console record player - "Folsum Prison Blues" and "I Walk the Line" mostly. My Mom and Dad LOVED him and my beloved Grandpa could play "Folsum Prison Blues" on the harmonica. I am so smiling right now, remembering something suddenly I'd long forgot - riding the combine with him and him singing, "And it burns burns burns, the ring of fire..." What a sweet, sweet memory. Waylon Jennings and now Johnny. May they both know peace and thank God they left us their music.
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