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I can see STUPID from my house!

Posted on 2009.10.08 at 16:30
where am I: the butlahz
How I feel about it all: workingworking
Soundtrack: various and sundry work sounds.
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Ohdeargods and all the ships at sea.

In other kindasorta related news, the Three Amigos Summit has wrapped up. Apparently Moe, Larry, and Barry had a lot to talk about. Like protectionism (which hey, is actually a problem, Mr. President), immigration, (which apparently is status quo until 2010), and healthcare (which, um. Has about as much to do with International Cooperation as US healthcare has to do with, say, Canadian healthcare).

So, yeah, it looks like a whole lot of nothing was accomplished, but I bet they still had all kinds of fun filling out the forms and playing with the pencils at the thing there.

Oh, and Barry's having Steve over his house this fall.

In not really related news at all: After today, I am outta dodge workwise for ten-ish days. If the federal government cooperates and gives me my replacement passport, I'll be headed for Points North on Wednesday. *tiny optimistic squee*

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