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DT: come reap
Posted on 2003.23.09 at 21:23
How I feel about it all: ADD

(or I wonder why they let me out alone)

I got to the Quincy Adams T-stop with no problems. Made it into Boston with also no problems. Except. My reason for going was to attend the rally for Howard Dean in Copley Square. Except my brain told me Harvard Square, because that's where I got the pamphlet about it. So...back on the Red Line, transfer to the Green Line. Fortunately, the rally started late. And it was so cool. The wind had picked up, and the rain started the second Gov. Dean finished his speech. You'd think the weather was programmed. There was a collective "woah" from the crowd.

*sigh* So then, I go back and can't find the inbound T-stop. I ask a cop, who tells me. So off I go to Harvard Square (again) because I figure I'll find a place to eat there. I find this Japanese place that was pretty good. Then, of course, I must visit Tower Records. I almost, almost bought Queer as Folk season two. Not enough money, no means to write a check. Good thing. I seriously walked out of the store and back in, thinking I might be able to buy it. So. Then I'm about to go to the train when I decide to check out the Coop. I was there for oh, a couple of hours. I sat myself down and looked at this book for a very long time. There was this picture of a little boy, maybe ten years old. He had a T-shirt that said Got Aids Yet? He was holding two Ken dolls arranged in a sexual situation, and there was a noose around one doll's neck. The boy was holding the string. It was awful. Most pictures were beautiful, like the two old men holding hands. I didn't buy it, but it's on the xmas list.

Then, I went to the Red line and got the T back to Quincy Adams, where my car was. Well, I started to, anyway, but I dozed off on the train and woke up convinced I'd missed my stop. I hadn't, but my sleep-addled brain is even worse than my awake-addled brain. So, two transfers later, I arrive at my car to find I left my lights on for oh, five hours or so. I call AAA, who come in like forty minutes, in which time I read a RI Phoenix article about how Herman Melville was probably in love with Nathanial Hawthorne. AAA finally shows up, I t00b to RI. On the way, I notice that the lights are dim on my car. I wonder if my headlights have shorted out or something, because I've been having some light trouble of late, so I play with the switch a bit and wonder if I'll make it home before dusk, as the sky is getting pretty dark . Then I realise that the reason it's so dark and the lights are dim is that I HAVE MY SUNGLASSES ON. I'd have banged my head on the steering wheel, except, of course, that I was driving (I did manage to remember that little tidbit). When I get to RI I decide to eat at the Pizza Joint with my kid rather than risk cooking, given how my day went. *sigh* It was worth it, though, for the rally and the Miso soup.

So that was my day. Fun with ADD. *headdesks*


peacey at 2003-09-24 05:09 (UTC) ()
Sounds like an overall good day except for leaving the lights on and ..... gaspgagretch.... Howard Dean. ;) *sigh* Whyohwhy do I work?? *whines* I wanna do all the cool stuff I wanna do. *gazes at chain on ankle cuffed to desk* Waaahhh...I wanna write. *gazes at paycheck* Oh yeah, thats why. Pfffft. Slave to the system, that's me.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2003-09-24 05:56 (UTC) ()
I wanna be you. Employed, that is. I actually have a job if I can get one more elusive reference. Psych hospital, which is good if I ever go completely 'round the bend, I can just fall into one of the unit beds.

And dahlink, didja just know we'd not pick the same candidate? Heh. I would have gone with Kucinich, but I don't think he has a realistic chance, and I don't want to see John Kerry or Joe Lieberman as a candidate (talk about gagretch *g*). I like Dean's ideas on health care and war and the fact that he's a doctor is important, I think. Also, he's the one who got the civil unions in Vermont, and gay rights is one of my number one priorities in picking a candidate, or a president, for that matter.

I say, come election day, we both stay home and drink Guinness, 'cause we're going to cancel each other out no matter what. *g*.

I do love you so. *snogs*
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