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Haven't done a random post of randomness in a while. Okay, here goes:

  • First of all, I sort of wrote something for the Badfic Challenge over at ds_flashfiction. Heartfelt shoutouts and/or apologies to Garrison Keillor, et. al. Warning: It's crack, pure and simple.

  • Speaking of Garrison Keillor, I heard today that he's suffered a small stroke. Apparently he's going to be okay and back to work soon. Definitely sending him good thoughts (and not saying a word about my story, which would likely give him a heart attack on top of things).

  • Last night I stayed up late finishing Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I really liked it, once I got past the prose style. There are no apostrophes and no quotation marks, which at first was off-putting, but really helps illustrate the bleak, pared-down world the main characters are walking through. I definitely recommend the book, although I'm not sure if it's Pulitzer Prize material. Don't let this put you off, though, because I don't think the Dark Tower is Pulitzer Prize material, either, and it's the Tale O' My Heart. If you like bleak, post-apocalyptic stories (and I do, oh, yes, I do!), this one's for you. Oh, and Viggo Mortenson is going to play the father in the movie version. This is all kinds of happy-making, Y? Y.

    ETA There's a TRAILER!

  • I've been having a torrid, obsessive love afair with Bruce Cockburn's music ever since songdog gave me a copy of The Charity of Night. Bruce is one of those guys I've known about since forever, and he even wrote a couple of my favourites ("If I had a Rocket Launcher" and "Call it Democracy"), but I've never really delved too deeply into his music before. And he's gooood, like, really, and he does that think-y, dark stuff I love. Here, see for yourself:

  • On a related note, peacey turned me onto DivShare, and I really love it. It does what used to do that either it doesn't do anymore or I can't figure out how to do it. I think I'm going to follow her lead and start posting a song of the day (it'll be the ADD version of Song of the Day, mind you, which may or may not be posted every day, or limited to once a day when it is). I'll try to refrain from making it All Bruce Cockburn, All the Time (see above re: torrid, obsessive love affair).

  • I went to my first choir rehearsal tonight. I think there's one person younger than me, and the rest are all over sixty. Still, I get to sing, and everyone's really nice, and it'll make me go to church, and I like church.

  • Tomorrow is my first RI Council meeting of MoveOn. I feel like I'm finally doing something besides mouthing off about stuff. And who knows, maybe somewhere in Washington the CIA will have a case study, in black and white, of my fingerprints. ;)

  • I need to pick up some more shifts. I've been lazy about doing it since I got back from Toronto, and it shows in my bank account. Bleh. I wish I were independently wealthy.

  • Oh, yeah, and speaking of Toronto, I did take pictures there (and also in London and Stratford), and I will definitely be posting them (the pics of mr_t00by are themselves worth the price of admission (if there was a price for admission, that is).
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