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DT: come reap

I need an Aussie icon

Posted on 2009.10.09 at 14:25
How I feel about it all: impressedimpressed
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Hey, Australians? Tell me about this guy because I think I love him a little. He's a Conservative? Woah. I can't think of another conservative in public life, with or without a capital C, who'd be so blatantly pro-birth choice. Go him!


loveneverfails at 2009-09-10 18:56 (UTC) ()
I know that (oddly enough) Ann Coulter has actually railed about the high c-section rate being the result of doctors trying to ward off trial lawyers. Texas is very pro-midwife, and can be nearly libertarian. There have got to be about 50-60 home birth or birth center midwives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area alone, if not more than that. Offering as much choice and competition as possible is more of a free market, conservative idea and more conservatives *ought* to be pro-birth choices.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-09-10 19:27 (UTC) ()
My brain is starting to hurt from finding out I agree with Ann Coulter on ANYTHING.

And yeah, I didn't think about Libertarians (who I agree with on a lot of stuff, actually). I know there are a lot of conservative women who choose to homebirth (the conservative Christian community has a lot of them), but I don't hear about conservative legislators championing the cause.
melpemone at 2009-09-11 09:31 (UTC) ()
God, they're all so showboaty. I am a politics nerd from birth, but even I can't stand Question Time. :(

But I watched that - for you! - and while I have no doubt that he believes in what he says, I also believe that the Libs need every point to score, given how they're suffering in the polls, and this is a very strategic speech. :) It was a good move to send Laming up, though - he used to be an obstetrician and a gynaecologist, and he's probably going to be pretty vocal until the legislation is (very likely) overturned. (By which I mean, Labor has enough people to pass it, but it's a pretty unpopular move and I imagine it'll fade out of the final bill without fanfare).

In any case, he does seem okay for a Liberal. ;) But as you know, the political climate is pretty different over here, and our conservatives are rather Lefter than yours. I would have expected the Libs to attack this legislation based on a) government micromanagement/suggestion of a nanny state, of which they disapprove, and b) anyone in the Rudd Government attempting to jam through something unpopular, which doesn't happen often.

Anyway, I imagine you're interested in what's going on, so here is a fairly good pro-home birth opinion piece that explains things somewhat.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-09-11 14:00 (UTC) ()
Most conservatives are more left than American ones, so, yeah, I'm not surprised. Also, the fact that Australia's Liberals are the conservatives has always been half confusing and half amusing.

Question time is like Canada's Question Period, right? Now, see, I love that, because we don't have anything close to it, and it's v. amusing (even if not a whole lot gets accomplished). Case in point:

Thanks for the link! I haven't looked at it yet because I have to go out, but I will when I get back. I just can't imagine an national ban on home birth. That's just, I mean. Wow. Even the US asshats haven't done that yet.

melpemone at 2009-09-11 14:10 (UTC) ()
Exhausted and heading to bed, so I'll check out that vid when I get up, but yeah, Question Period and Question Time are the same thing. The grand histrionics on display regularly get on my nerves, but I'm very grateful to have it all the same. :)

That said, our Deputy PM, Julia Gillard, is fantastic at Question Time. She's outright terrifying, and I adore her. :D

It's not technically a ban, as such, although the outcome would amount to the same thing - if I understand things correctly they're planning to overhaul the insurance structure in the health system, and one of the side effects of this overhaul would be that midwives would no longer be covered when working outside the hospital arena. I'm reasonably certain it's illegal to practice midwifery without indemnity insurance, so. In any case, it would only drive home births underground and this is dangerous for everyone involved. I suspect whoever drafted it didn't think through the consequences and now the gov't feels compelled to save face. But I honestly don't think it'll pass. Of course, I'm not a midwife, or even a parent, so I'm not following it as closely as I could be.
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