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DT: come reap

I need an Aussie icon

Posted on 2009.10.09 at 14:25


melpemone at 2009-09-11 14:10 (UTC) ()
Exhausted and heading to bed, so I'll check out that vid when I get up, but yeah, Question Period and Question Time are the same thing. The grand histrionics on display regularly get on my nerves, but I'm very grateful to have it all the same. :)

That said, our Deputy PM, Julia Gillard, is fantastic at Question Time. She's outright terrifying, and I adore her. :D

It's not technically a ban, as such, although the outcome would amount to the same thing - if I understand things correctly they're planning to overhaul the insurance structure in the health system, and one of the side effects of this overhaul would be that midwives would no longer be covered when working outside the hospital arena. I'm reasonably certain it's illegal to practice midwifery without indemnity insurance, so. In any case, it would only drive home births underground and this is dangerous for everyone involved. I suspect whoever drafted it didn't think through the consequences and now the gov't feels compelled to save face. But I honestly don't think it'll pass. Of course, I'm not a midwife, or even a parent, so I'm not following it as closely as I could be.
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