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Posted on 2009.10.09 at 15:34


try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-09-10 20:29 (UTC) ()
Ooh, Librivox looks procrastinatingly wonderful. Bedroom, schmedroom. *browses*

Apparently a lot of books are available through Google Books, but I haven't looked much into it. A lot of authors are up in arms about the whole idea of Google Books.

luzula at 2009-09-10 20:39 (UTC) ()
Yeah, I used Google Books for work a while ago, to read a math book I didn't want to buy (because it cost over 100 dollars). They didn't let you read all of the book at once, but it was easy to get around that--I just deleted my cookies. OTOH, it seems to be impossible to print out or download the text from the site. I don't like reading long pieces of text on the screen, so I don't use the site much. But the upside is that the text is searchable, so if I want to find a book that includes, for example, "subelliptic functions" and "boundary Harnack inequality", I can.
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