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I been Ayn Randed, nearly branded a Communist 'cause I'm left-handed

Posted on 2009.15.09 at 13:11


suchthefangirl at 2009-09-16 01:05 (UTC) ()
It is a fantasy, and I have to say, I really do love it. I know it doesn't work at all, but you are right, in her world all people are equal. And I wish that were true.

Mostly, for me, her books were about reaching for your dreams. Not compromising on your abilities, and whatever you do for a living, make sure it's something that you love and want to spend your life doing. I read the books when I was very young (middle school for the first time), and I have always tried to live up to her standards.

Oh, and I'm a card carrying member of the ACLU lefty liberal mind you. Well, really, on the political polls I skew way off to libertarian, but I've voted democratic in the last several elections (I used to vote libertarian, but they kinda scared me, and the republicans were scarier, so Democratic seemed the least offensive). I get the feeling that people think if you like Ayn Rand you must be a crazy republican or something, and I am so not. But I really do adore her.

But, yeah, it is fantasy.

I like fantasy.
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