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Dancing squeeage and random thoughts

*hugs earthquake1906 and rhiannon333, dances and squees excessively*

[random]I told patchfire that I was leaving the HP fandom and joining the "That Thing You Do" fandom. 'Cause liek, teh guyz are soo hottt.

Queer as Folk fanfiction, for the most part, makes Baby Jesus cry. ARE there any good stories? The ones I read suxxors. Totally OOC, man.

patchfire also gave me permission to ship both Brian/Justin AND Brian/Michael. Good thing, because, of course, I'd never do so without her permission.

I keep wanting to call Wesley Clark "Gary West". wtf? And mhmf? He's now frontrunner? *headdesk*

I really want to tour Fenway tomorrow. Or soon. I mean, I'd get to touch the Green Monster. I think.

I hate public radio fundraisers. I mean, I know they have to do it, especially after the Republicans cut their funding so incredibly much, but bleh.

Somewhere, in my house, is a cup belonging to harry_hp's three year old daughter. I can't find it, though.[/random]
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