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Posted on 2009.06.10 at 20:10
where am I: my humble abode
How I feel about it all: pleasedpleased
Soundtrack: Natalie the Very Noisy Cat
"Stephen King has penned some of the literary world's most memorable horror novels, from Carrie to The Shining. But what in the name of Cujo could possibly send shivers up the author's spine?

The answer has finally come: U.S. television studios."

Stephen King teams up with Canada's E1 for new series

"It is a deal that shatters the conventions of big-budget television productions. Rather than take his concept directly to a Hollywood studio, the author has specifically gone outside of the U.S. in order to retain more creative control over how the series is made."

There's a REASON he's my platonic!pretend!boyfriend, guys.

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