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TV TROPES IS EATING MY BRAIN. Seriously, do not go there unless you have several hours to kill.

Example: The Dark Tower page tells us that one of the tropes used by the DT is Crapsack World. Then it goes on to say

All-World runs on this trope. As if a world still suffering from the effects of an apocalyptic war (including mutants, infertility, and all other kinds of nastiness) was not bad enough, the entire world has "moved on". The result of the foundations of the entire multiverse decaying, this takes the form of reality raping gaps in space time forming (thinnies), the very directions of the compass (and how they relate to the real world) changing on a daily basis, and the breakdown of what little technology remained in the world. BUT WAIT! It doesn't end there! Add a world wide revolutionary war, preaching the rise of democracy and equality, but is actually a massive overkill way of eliminating the very few people who could potentially do something about the whole problem (the Gunslingers). AND then when each universal foundation is broken, the geographical area that it overlaps in All-World experiences its own personal Armageddon. Put simply, All-World is FUCKED.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? TV Tropes turns you into an INTERNET SURF-ZOMBIE. A few days ago I spent an entire evening there reading about, among other things, Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act, which tells us why trying to kill Hitler just plain doesn't work.

So now you know why I've missed so much on the ole flist. That and David Tennant Billie Piper Dr. Who (Whose tvtropes page is here, btw).
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