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Paul/Canada  OTP
Posted on 2009.20.11 at 13:39


gloriana at 2009-11-22 07:13 (UTC) ()
I still don't understand where a whole section of fandom gets the idea that he's in love with himself. :/

I'm sure he's a man of very decided opinion, and obviously he has no problem with being the one in charge :) But I don't think you can make fun of yourself the way he does and be full of it as well. Like the details from the thing where he's cameoing with Atom Egoyan: a man whose head is bloated doesn't mock himself that way.

Maybe it's because he says things tongue in cheek, and people take them at face value?

I'm a history geek in the first place, but yeah, I think that people who would ordinarily never pick up a book on WWI might actually do it after seeing this kind of film.

Or even if they don't, they come away knowing a little bit more than they did before. I've been fascinated by that war ever since a teacher, way back when I was 15 (which was quite some time ago!!!) described her grandfather going in a unit, of whom only he and one other came back. The scale of the whole thing was just so extreme that I've come back to it again and again. But I know there are people who really have little concept of just how devastating it was, especially younger kids who are not taught it and don't have someone in the family anymore, like Gross' grandfather, who was there.

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