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I just had the war come up and smack me on the arse. Fortunately that's all it was. patchfire linked me to this news story. My best friend's son M is in the 173rd Airborne, and has been in Northern Iraq for some time. I couldn't call my friend to ask her if M was all right, so I had to wait for my mom to get to work (she had already left). It was an hour of sheer panic, in which time I called my sister, who also wasn't home. I finally got my mom, who told me that M had left Iraq a couple of days ago.

God. I'm relieved as hell, but what about the poor mother, spouse, child, friend, lover, whatever of the soldier who was killed? They're not relieved. They're devastated. The pat answer they'll get to their "why" is that this person's life wasn't wasted because they were serving their country. True enough, and if I were in such a postion in, say, WWII, I might feel comforted. But now? No, because the country in question has a leader who wants to be Cowboy to the World. It's just. wrong Sure this person served his or her country. Sure he or she should be commended for it. It's the leaders who sit and dole out death that should be condemned. The blood of this soldier, and all the others, is on their hands. I'm not talking about whether Saddam Hussein deserved it. Sure he did. What I don't understand is why TPTB thought we had the right to play cowboy. *headdesk*

Bloody unnecessary war. And yes, that's a redundant statement.

I love my country more now than I ever have, probably. The US was ostensibly founded on dissent and the rights of individuals (well, white men of property, but that's another rant), but in the current climate, if one disagrees with TPTB, well, then, that person must not be patriotic. I think I am patriotic. I just don't think that it's My Country, Right or Wrong, is all.

Thanks to maybethemoon for the music link. This song is an anthem-in-the-making, that's for sure.
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