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SA: against their own succession
Posted on 2009.06.12 at 11:24


deceptively normal
mizface at 2009-12-07 03:34 (UTC) ()
There weren't really, but some folk wanted to pair her with one of Scarecrow's former partners, an dended up creating a separate community for it, because it was pretty much frowned upon. It was good fic, so it was too bad.

And there was an attempt to write slash with Lee that didn't go over wel. It was really poorly written, but that was beside the point for a lot o ffolk. I even started an AU pairing Amanda with Francine, but ran out of steam partway through. I'd like to finish it someday, see if the fact that I tried to make it believable would make a difference.

And I came into that fandom late, from a rerun of the series and ff.net. Trek, however, I always knew about - those fanzines were my first forays into fanfic.
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