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Posted on 2003.26.09 at 11:50
How I feel about it all: sadsad
Soundtrack: Robert Palmer - Best of Both Worlds
I didn't want to put this on my last ranty post.

RIP Robert Palmer.

This genius of a musician could sing anything, from Rogers and Hammerstein to Dylan to Marvin Gaye to his own incredible rock-and-roll. If you can get a copy of his Don't Explain CD, do it. I think it's out of print as of very recently (I bought the last copy at one store about a month ago). I've been a fan of his for years; this is the album that caused it.

Brilliant man, decent guy, too young. Why are all the best musicians going? Who's next? I don't even want to begin to speculate.

Geez. I'm just HappyPerky!Girl today, aren't I? :/

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