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Fannish announcement, yay!

So. andeincascade, tibbystardust and I decided it might be a nice idea to have a Slings & Arrows night, and we thought this Thursday would be a good time to do it! So this is your Official Announcement:

S&A Night
Thursday, Dec. 10

We'll be watching the first three episodes, so if you've never seen S&A before, this is a good time to start! It's also good for people who've seen it a bazillion times before, because more S&A is never not a good thing. Yay!

Oh, and I'm not sure what chat medium we'll be using yet, but we'll work it out and let you know here and at ds_noticeboard ASAP.

(crossposted to ds_noticeboard)
Tags: announcing!, c6 degrees, s&a
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