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dS: frasersadness
Posted on 2009.07.12 at 15:40


newleaf31 at 2009-12-08 02:49 (UTC) ()
Kelly, I am so, so, so sorry to hear that you lost Stormy. I'm so GLAD she had a wonderful, long, happy life, and a peaceful, love-filled passing, but I'm sitting here crying for you and Mary and all of y'all who loved her. For whatever it's worth, I very much do believe that pets go to heaven, whatever heaven is, and that they'll be there waiting with wags and purrs and licks when we get there. Blessings and comforting memories of happy days to y'all, and peaceful rest to your good kitty. (((((((hug))))))))
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2009-12-08 03:14 (UTC) ()
I'm thinking we'll be getting a lot of wags and purrs and licks someday, because we're pet people. I have one kitty now (Natalie, a noisy but sweet Siamese adopted when my niece couldn't take her where she lives), and I say that when she goes (after a very long time, I'm hoping) that I won't have any more pets, but, um, yeah. I lie like a rug to myself. :)

Thank you so much for your words. They really do mean a lot, my dear. *sends cuddles and love to you and Puck*

Edited at 2009-12-08 03:18 (UTC)
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