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this is your birth on drugs

Posted on 2010.14.01 at 12:27


I Am Canadian
dragonflymuse at 2010-01-15 02:45 (UTC) ()
While the idea of using heroin as an analgesic for labour and delivery is very wtf-erish, I will be a naysayer to the quotation's indignancy by saying that heroin is a known, controllable variable: things get dicey with it? Hell-OOOOO Narcan! I flag-wave for IV access because the last thing I want to do when a patient starts bleeding out is to try and pop a vein that's flat (personal experience speaking, with a four-year old). Water-labouring seems benign, but I don't want to haul someone out of a bathtub if they start seizing or some other unforseen emergency occurs (yes, more personal experience speaking: I will never put another neuro kid in a bath again!)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2010-01-15 11:48 (UTC) ()
I agree that heroin isn't really all that different than other opiates, but IMO they all suck for labour.

And yeah, maybe I wouldn't want someone hospitalized with and/or for a seizure disorder hanging out in a bathtub, but a healthy pregnant woman is at a really low risk for seizure.

Edited at 2010-01-15 11:51 (UTC)
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