try to catch the deluge in a paper cup (primroseburrows) wrote,
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup

I've finally outdorked myself by adding this to my wishlist. If I actually end up buying it (it's not released yet), someone lock me up. With lots and lots of books, plz.

I probably have the dorkiest Wish List ever, anyway, so y'all might not want to wait to call the dorkwagon.

In other news, I officially have cable television. I even hooked everything up by myself, with only a wee bit of help from tech support, yay!

So today I thought I'd watch some CSPAN, which was pretty cool, even though I can already get it online. There was a guy from American Prospect and someone from the Census Bureau, and then some reporter from the Nevada Sun who was interesting but drove me crazy saying "you know" every three words . Then they repeated the AP guy, so I thought, hey, I can get CNN, I'll watch that! Today's Big News was--wait for it--something about Tiger Woods. Which made me immediately change the channel to MSNBC, where today's Big News was something about--you guessed it--Tiger Woods. *headdesk*

TV is now off, and I'm wondering whether I did the right thing by getting cable. OTOH, there is DVR and so I'm recording curling. :)
Tags: books, i am a giant giant dork, politics: australia, politics: canada, television
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