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Paul/Canada  OTP

you know you're a national treasure when you're featured in an in-flight magazine

Posted on 2010.01.03 at 13:36


melpemone at 2010-03-02 23:58 (UTC) ()
Sure is! It's the html for non-breaking space. You could essentially have a 500 word interest, so long as it appeared to be all one word to LJ, as it would appear to be 500 words on the page. Neat, hey? :)

Edit: haha oh god, I'm going to stop commenting here NOW. Last night I was tired and couldn't stop making mistakes; now I have NO excuse. *facepalm*

Edited at 2010-03-03 00:00 (UTC)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2010-03-05 23:41 (UTC) ()
Do not stop commenting, plz. At least not forever or anything. :)
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