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SA: facepalm
Posted on 2010.06.03 at 10:24
where am I: the green fields of amerikay
How I feel about it all: discontentSTFU Joe Wilson
Soundtrack: Don't Ask Don't Tell policy hearings on CSPAN
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Joe "You Lie" Wilson is using RCAF discharge policies as an example of how discharging gays and lesbians under DADT doesn't affect military readiness in wartime. DOES HE NOT SEE HOW HYPOCRITICAL IRONIC THIS IS? Answer: No.

I wonder how many people he's tried to shut down who have referenced the Canadian Medicare system as an example of how single-payer healthcare won't kill our grannies and/or force us all into slavery to the government.*

*not that the current US healthcare plan is ANYTHING LIKE single-payer healthcare, because IT SO ISN'T.

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