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DT: time is a face on the water

Writer's Block: Just one final question.

Posted on 2010.26.03 at 18:13
How I feel about it all: workingworking
If you could select one person from history and ask them a question to which they had to reply with an honest answer, who would you select, and what would you ask them?

I'm torn between Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald. I'd ask Oswald "who besides you was involved in the plot to kill JFK?" rather than "Did you work alone?", because that way if he said, "Nobody", I'd know he worked alone. I'd ask Ruby the same question, only about Oswald instead of Kennedy. I'm thinking I'd probably ask Oswald, though.


newleaf31 at 2010-03-26 22:42 (UTC) ()
I'd ask Augustine of Hippo whether his views on original sin, which have gone such a long way towards engendering an unhealthy rejection of sexuality in Christian history, were really an exaggerated effort to atone for the extreme sexual practices of his youth.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2010-03-27 15:44 (UTC) ()

Because I can't resist (please don't hate me dance mix)

vsee at 2010-03-27 00:18 (UTC) ()
I'd like to ask Bach and Beethoven what they think of recorded music, and if they think it's cool that we listen to it in the car, or walking down the street. I don't think Bach would like it at all, but Beethoven, maybe. Beethoven benefited from a big change in piano technology just as he was coming into his own, so I think of him as kind of a tech geek.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2010-03-27 03:25 (UTC) ()
We're assuming that Beethoven would have cochlear implants now, right? :)
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