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me, oh, michelangelo and I, we're just sittin' by the traintracks readin' kafka to the sky

Interesting article by Johan Hari (whose stuff I highly rec in general) on the history and idea of Heaven (as well as a not-so-glowing review of Lisa Miller's new book Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife):

Trouble in Paradise: Why are Americans so credulous about Heaven?

"The heaven you think you're headed to—a reunion with your lost relatives in the light—is a very recent invention, only a little older than Goldman Sachs. Most of the believers in heaven across most of history would find it unrecognizable. "

Also, because I have an excuse to post it (sort of):

In other news, I have Juliana until tomorrow and need to figure out how to entertain her for the rest of the day and also clean up the place for when Mary gets home. There's also a beta to finish and a hostel to book, eep.
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