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DT: come reap
Posted on 2003.06.10 at 09:19
How I feel about it all: infuriatedinfuriated
Soundtrack: My kid on the phone, as usual
A poem to President ex-Governor George W. Bush:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
We elected a President,
But it wasn't you.

Oh, and George? This? Not acceptable. Not.

Wah. Is it next November yet?

I finally finished watching Bowling for Columbine. I can no longer say that movies don't make me cry. This one did. I cried, I laughed, I sobbed. Every single school kid should be required to see this film. Every member of the NRA, for that matter. *loveslovesloves Michael Moore*


ledasdaughter at 2003-10-06 07:17 (UTC) ()
I totally agree! I love Michael Moore too! He's great! I was schocked when I saw this movie, I already knew most of the facts, but I was schocked by the NRA people's reactions. I hope he never stops making those movies!
Im reading "downwsize this" right now! good book!
i lost to a hamburger...
littlealex at 2003-10-06 07:46 (UTC) ()
Re: Bowling for Columbine

Yeah, that movie made me sniffle a little bit, but not really cry. Then again, I'm not really the crying type. ;) I think that it was very much preaching to the choir, though. People who watch this movie agree with what he's saying, and people who aren't going to agree aren't going to watch the movie. And certainly aren't going to make other people watch it. And I think that even if they were to watch it, they'd never see the same irony, the same almost-humor, that we see in it. They'd nod their heads at the Michigan militia, or say to themselves how crazy those Canadians are not locking their doors -- they probably wouldn't even get the point of the movie in the end. Anything that they saw that challenged their views probably wouldn't make them stop and think, it would make them frown and say "this is a bad movie". The reason I can't stand people like those in the movie is that they're narrow minded. And they're not going to suddenly stop being narrow minded just because they see this movie. Liberal, open-minded people love it, because it says exactly what we've been thinking all this time. But anyone who disagrees probably won't be able to stand the movie, and even if they got to the point of watching it, they'd probably shut it off when the cartoon history starts or just dismiss it as a stupid movie anyway.

And no, I suppose I'm not saying that there are people who wouldn't see this movie and change their minds, I just think that the rate of it happening is very, very low.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2003-10-06 19:05 (UTC) ()
Y'know what, though? Caleb, age 18, and generally liberal, says that he thought that MM was presenting the facts. He didn't see it as liberal-agenda PR. He said that there weren't really any answers, just lots of questions. So eh. *shrugs*
i lost to a hamburger...
littlealex at 2003-10-06 20:08 (UTC) ()
I didn't say it was liberal-agenda PR. I think the slant was definitely liberal, and there was a lot of satire (okay, I'm thinking mostly the cartoon here, but also the "What A Wonderful World" war montage) that was slanted that way. But what I was saying was that the people we (the people who are all nodding and saying "yes, this is what I've been trying to articulate" to the movie) want to see the movie, to be confronted with these truths, are not going to see the movie or won't listen to what it has to say. For the most part.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2003-10-07 03:49 (UTC) ()
You have a point. Me, I plan to pimp the thing to the stars, so maybe someone who needs to see it will do so.
aliel at 2003-10-06 08:03 (UTC) ()
Luuuurve the poem.
robinhoo at 2003-10-06 14:44 (UTC) ()
re: poem --
*laughs self into unconsciousness*
they can't touch us, or what we have
fraught at 2003-10-07 10:21 (UTC) ()
Brilliant :). It inspired me to make a (rather lame) icon to express my displeasure with your SC-selected "president":

try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2003-10-07 18:41 (UTC) ()
Oh, that's great! I love it. *g*
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