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A meme before bed. Gacked from littlealex:

last cigarette: when did they stop making cloves? Then.

last alcoholic drink: half-glass of wine before bed last night.

last car ride: if you mean one where I wasn't driving, last week to take mr_t00by to the ferry. He drove down, I drove the car home.

last kiss: is a terrible song, even the pearl jam version.

last good cry: don't remember, actually.

last book bought: The Essential Rumi, which I can't wait to sink into.

last book read: Brown Girl in the Ring. It was good, but not as wonderful as I'd been expecting. Still worth reading, though.

last movie seen: Shakespeare in Love DVD, with my housemate.

last beverage drank: wow, I don't think I've drunk anything since my coffee this afternoon--couple of sips of water, maybe. This is bad. Definitely drinking a bunch of water before bed.

last food consumed: poppyseed muffin, about a minute ago.

last crush: it's always, ever been Alfred.

last tv show watched: the rest of yesterday's Rachel Maddow Show, this morning.

last shoes worn: my sneakers, which seem to be the only shoes I can wear anymore that don't give my back screaming, stabbing pains.

last song played: whatever was on classicvinyl on Sirius when I got out of the car. I honestly forget.

last thing bought: fat-free coffee frozen yogurt from Three Sisters that I didn't like and didn't eat much of.

last download: re-dl of H20, for future viewing because I can't find my DVD.

last soda drank: diet dr. pepper, at my mom's house.

last thing written: Where the Women are Strong, the Men are Good-looking, and the Mounties are Above Average, for the ds_flashfiction badfic challenge.

last words spoken: something about why my housemate is still up.

last ice cream eaten: see above for not-so-good frozen yogurt.

last webpage visited: not counting the ones I linked in this post, hmm. does facebook count?
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