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DT: come reap

Because I'm bored and should be cleaning my house

Posted on 2003.11.10 at 15:28
How I feel about it all: boredbored
Soundtrack: Art Garfunkel - Waters of March

Gacked from undone

Billy's Baby
Billy Boyd should be the father of your baby!
Congratulations! It's a BOYD! As cute as Billy
is,you know his offspring will be even cuter...
and this bundle of joy will be a true dream
come true. You can even go shopping ahead of
time, because whether boy or girl, this little
one will be wearing a skirt!

Whose BABY from the Lord of the Rings cast should you have?
brought to you by Quizilla

Gonna go get ready to watch the game now. Pedro vs. Rawdja. Whee!


quiridion at 2003-10-12 06:56 (UTC) ()
SKIRT?!! *splutters in outrage* KILT!!! KILT!!! Not SKIRT!!! Who wrote that quiz so I can shoot 'em? :P
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