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I'm finally doing one of those 30-day memes that keep going around. This one's the music meme.

Day 1: Your favourite song:

Since my favourite song is actually an entire album (I even wrote a review for it a while back), I'll pick something from that:

Here are the rest of the songs.

Oh, and if you buy this album? See if you can get the version without the added three songs at the end. They're great songs, but this is a CONCEPT ALBUM, and they're just not part of the concept.

Day 1: Your favourite song
Day 2: A song that makes you cry.
Day 3: A song that makes you dance.
Day 4: Your favourite male singer.
Day 5: Your favourite female singer.
Day 6: Your favourite band.
Day 7: One band/singer you're ashamed to admit you like.
Day 8: One band/singer whose popularity you will never understand.
Day 9: A song that reminds you of an ex.
Day 10: A song that reminds you of your father.
Day 11: A song that reminds you of your mother.
Day 12: A song that makes you want to have sex.
Day 13: A song you sing in the shower.
Day 14: A song from the year you were born.
Day 15: A song you liked in high school.
Day 16: The first song in your mp3 folder.
Day 17: The last song in your mp3 folder.
Day 18: An instrumental song you like.
Day 19: Your favourite love song.
Day 20: Your favourite breakup song.
Day 21: A song that makes you want to break stuff.
Day 22: Your favourite song from a movie.
Day 23: Your favourite duet.
Day 24: Your favourite cover song.
Day 25: Your favourite song from 2010 (so far)
Day 26: Your favourite movie video.
Day 27: One song in your mp3 folder you're pretty sure no one else has.
Day 28: One song that needs to never be played again.
Day 29: One song that gives you the creeps.
Day 30: A song you'd like played at your funeral.
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