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DT: way to the tower
Posted on 2010.13.12 at 11:45
where am I: I'm fairly certain RI is a state.
How I feel about it all: surprisedsurprised
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Hawaii's Legal Case Against the United States

Imagine if you grew up being told that you had been adopted, only to learn that you were, in fact, kidnapped. That might spur you to start searching for the adoption papers. Now imagine that you could find no papers and no one could produce any. That's how Dr. David Keanu Sai, a retired Army Captain with a PhD in political science and instructor at Kapiolani Community College in Hawaii, characterizes Hawaii's international legal status.

This is a little long, but it's worth reading or saving to read. I had no idea that any of this happened. Obviously I suck at American history. Either that or hey, maybe nobody wanted actual history to be taught at schools because it would make the US look bad. I don't think I learned anything about Hawaii in school, let alone that it might not even be a state.

Unsurprisingly, I would love to see Hawaii to win this fight, even though the Birthers would have a field day and a half with it.

And then there's this little problem.

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