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wolfie mozart and humphrey bogart and genghis khan and on to h. g. wells

  • Best quote I've heard in a long time: "I'm not saying he's lost his mind. I'm saying only that I wouldn't draft him in a sanity fantasy league" --Keith Olbermann, about Glenn Beck.

  • Healthcare is like water; it should be given free of charge to everyone. Meaning no one--not me, not Bill Gates, not the homeless guy at the bus station--should have to pay for basic healthcare other than through appropriate taxes. And I really, really don't mind if my taxes go up to make it happen. Because healthcare, like water, should be controlled by the people, not the corporations.

  • I've noticed myself becoming more skeptical about everything recently. Life, death, taxes, you name it. I also notice myself sounding more like a socialist all the time. If I had to label myself, I'd be a Social Democrat, which is not a socialist, no matter how much Social Democrats USA may say it is. Also, if the NDP ever decided to open up a US branch, I'd carry their card.

  • Rachel Maddow/Chris Hayes would be an interesting RPF. It would be like almost reverse slash, or something. It wouldn't be slash, but it wouldn't be entirely het, either. Yes, I know I'm weird.

  • Why didn't anyone tell me that Justin Bieber is Canadian (I guess it's because it's not something people go around randomly announcing)? This means he's eligible for inclusion in C6D. I find this scary somehow. And he's not just Canadian, he's from Stratford. I'm torn between being intensely curious and really not wanting to know what some C6D fannish-types could do with this information.

  • My daughter's goldfish is named Justin Bieber (this is irony, people, not teenybopperism). She also really wants to go to Niagara Falls in the spring. Curiouser and Curiouser.

  • I've been in Toronto in the winter and have not since been burning with desire to repeat the trip. I'm doing it anyway. as;dflhasdf.

  • I love this vid. This song was a B-side, but IMO it was the best one on the record:

  • Icon mostly unrelated to post. I use it because I can.
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