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DT: come reap

The truth, or lack of it, revealed

Posted on 2003.12.10 at 10:45
How I feel about it all: lazylazy
Soundtrack: Ani DiFranco - To the Teeth
Okay, okay, I am getting my arse to Boston, but before I go, the eansiz,as the Boston folks say...

I once had dinner with Stephen Furst from Babylon 5: True. It was a science fiction convention and Mr. Furst sat at our table and told us (5 or 6 women) his life story, basically, good and bad. Asked us not to post anything of what we heard on the internet. Far as I know, nobody ever has. Sweet, kind, generous, funny man. *loves*

I once raised a baby deer to adulthood: True. Someone found a deer apparently "abandoned" (which probably wasn't actually the case; does often leave their fawns to find food), and asked if we'd raise him, as we had lactating goats at the time. There's a whole story about him, but that's another post. He was a cutie, and for all I know, he's still running around somewhere.

I had a walk-on part in Outside Providence: Nope. I'm not even sure where the film was made, and I've never seen it.

It took me seventeen years to finish college: Actually, it was sixteen; I counted wrong. I started my first class in 1986, when I only had two kids. I finished last year. It was off and on, because of the kids and the fact that for a lot of years, I lived on a freaking island.

I was forbidden to leave my yard alone until I was eleven.: True, sadly. My mother was extremely overprotective and thought I'd wander into traffic and get squashed or maybe I'd be abducted or maybe I'd just wither up and die without her. Consequently, I was also eleven before I learned to ride a bicycle.


The Foo Queen
erebor at 2003-10-12 08:25 (UTC) ()
Totally jealous about the Stephen Furst thing.

Lurve him.
I'm just a maverick hockey mom from Alaska!
punkypower414 at 2003-10-12 09:49 (UTC) ()
I guessed right! All the other things I knew or were very plausible. I figured you would have mentioned being in Outside Providence(which I have seen and didn't like).
earthquake1906 at 2003-10-12 10:42 (UTC) ()


Am looking forward to seeing you tonight! *squees fiercely*

If you've not yet left, bring a raincoat and/or umbrella. V wet here.

I too think the story about Mr. Furst is totally cool. I love the way he waved his fingers at Morden's corpse...I loved lots of things about what he did in that role...
Non-Recovering WoW Addict
heinous_bitca at 2003-10-12 13:37 (UTC) ()

Go Jules, go Jules! :D
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