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DT:and so it begins
Posted on 2011.05.04 at 15:09


Charlie  Montney
songdogmi at 2011-04-05 20:43 (UTC) ()
A lot of people "reblog" things that appear on other Tumblrs, especially photos and videos. I guess it's a sincere form of flattery, like imitation. :)

Their site says you can pretty much do anything with it. That's too much freedom, isn't it? :) I've poked around Tumblr for a long time but haven't gotten up the nerve to set up my own account, yet.

NPR has a Tumblr. So does the New York Times. (I'm guessing their Tumblr isn't behind a paywall....)
Charlie  Montney
songdogmi at 2011-04-06 05:40 (UTC) ()
Actually I meant the New Yorker, though the Times has just started Tumblr-ing too.
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