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LJ flist cut

I've been out of the loop big time fandomwise recently, partly for RL intrusion, but also because my LJ has become too huge and ungainly to process in any kind of efficient manner (and I'm not Ms. Efficient on a good day). What I need to do is to cull my flist hugely, so in the next few days I'll be doing that. What I'm going to try to do is unfriend users who I have little in common with anymore, or who haven't posted in a while.

I don't know exactly when I'll be doing this, but it'll likely be sometime this week. Unfriending you does not mean I don't like you or want to hear from you, it's just that my flist has gotten so very big I'm afraid to look at it anymore, so I don't read posts or make comments or even talk to anyone. Shaving my list will put me back in control, hopefully.

I'll also be unsubbing from comms I never read or that are repetitive. I will be making an announcement post after I've finished doing all this stuff. Because people on LJ change their screennames like I change my underwear, I may end up unfriending people who have been on for ages, but who have changed their usernames so I don't recognize them. If I unfriend you and you would like to be added back, please let me know in comments there, and I will add you back.

I really hate doing this, but if I don't I feel like I'll never read LJ again and I love my LJ (and my DW, which I double-post at, although I'm not doing any cutting at DW).
Tags: housekeeping, lj

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