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DT: nozz-a-la


Posted on 2011.09.05 at 22:57
where am I: work, but leaving soon
How I feel about it all: curiousfannish
Soundtrack: Bruce Cockburn - The Charity of Night (yay CD player at work!)
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Meme gacked from moony:

Leave the name of a character/person from a fandom you know I'm in, and I will tell you:

* How I FEEEEEL about this character.

* All the people I ship romantically with this character.

* My non-romantic OTP for this character.

* My unpopular opinion about this character.

* One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon.

Pleeeeeze do this meme. I need to feel like I'm part of fandom again. :D


Dirty dirty band boys and some hot Canadians
andeincascade at 2011-05-10 03:55 (UTC) ()
I will also go easy on you: Benton Fraser.
The Moonlight Sonata
moonlight69 at 2011-05-10 05:22 (UTC) ()
Roland Deschain, thankee-sai.
luzula at 2011-05-10 08:00 (UTC) ()
Since someone else already took Benton Fraser, I'll give you another easy one: Caroline (Pinsent) Fraser. : )
_scally at 2011-05-10 09:13 (UTC) ()
Since it was you who introduced me to Chasing Rainbows, I ask about Jake Kincaid.
writergirl423 at 2011-05-10 11:10 (UTC) ()
I could ask you to answer the questions about Alex, but I know how you'd answer all of them. So how 'bout a curve ball? Dana Scully.
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2011-05-14 02:25 (UTC) ()
Oh, yeah? And just how would I answer the questions about Alex? Enquiring minds wanna know. ;)
aukestrel at 2011-05-10 21:55 (UTC) ()

You are the guinea pig for my new app. Hi! :) Since I just watched Buried on Sunday, how about Augustus Knickel?

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