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More character meme answer. This time, from andeincascade (HI ANDE, I MISS YOUUUU!): Benton Fraser!

* How I FEEEEEL about this character.

Fraser has a very special place in my fannish heart. If he isn't my favourite character ever, he's right up there in a dead heat with them that are.I would love to have him for a friend, and if he were my enemy I'd run off and hide on another PLANET, because he'd find me no matter where I ran on Earth, and being on the receiving end of a pissed-off Benton Fraser would be all kinds of scary. I love his sense of right and wrong, and his fierce, unwavering loyalty. I love his idealism and his passion. I love how when he talks you can actually hear the parentheses and semicolons. I especially love that he isn't perfect, even though he wants desperately to be. He has a dry wit and a stealth sense of humour that I only dream of coming close to having.

Fraser is probably the character who is most like me in any of my fandoms (although he is a much better person and much, much prettier *g*). I want to be Benton Fraser when I grow up, only without the baggage. I don't know whether I want to shtup him or talk to him for hours, or both. Probably both.

* All the people I ship romantically with this character.

Ray Kowalski--it's canon, dude. They literally ride off into the sunrise together. Ray Vecchio, too, yes--I've actually written F/V a couple of times-- but it's usually as part of an OT3, and only in fanon. I tend to look at Vecchio in canon as Fraser's soul-brother. They're so much more than just friends, but their love bends toward philos rather than eros. Which doesn't diminish it from his love for Kowalski--Fraser would die in a heartbeat for both of his Rays.

Also, and definitel not least--Meg Thatcher. I ship Fraser/Thatcher hard, and I'm not ashamed to say it. I love, love Thatcher. I wish there was more good Fraser/Thatcher fic out there (it does exist, though--icepixie and tanyareed have both written excellent Fraser/Thatcher fics (some of which are up at

* My non-romantic OTP for this character.

Fraser and Ray Vecchio. See above. (and I do write, and read, F/V and F/K/V. But gah, platonic!F/V is so lovely. I don't understand why platonic is almost universally considered Less Than, when it's equally as awesome, dammit!). I also have to put a plug in for Fraser's entirely wonderful relationship with Diefenbaker. I'm all about platonic!F/V/D. :D

* My unpopular opinion about this character.

Fraser is not shy with women in whom he's interested. I mean, um. Victoria, anyone? Sure, he's uncomfortable with unwanted attention from women who look at him as a sex object. But when he's interested, OMG, he's interested. Guh.

* One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon.

Wow, hmm, I dunno. I definitely wish he'd have not worn the red serge so much in seasons 3 and 4. I also wish there would have been more of him working with both Rays.

A while back I wrote an entire post for called Fraser being Fraser, in which I say a bunch more about Fraser. I also wrote a GIANT personal backstory for him. If you read both of those (and I'd love it if you did!), you'll pretty much get my feelings about who Fraser is and why I love him so. very. much.

In conclusion, Benton Fraser, RCMP.
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