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Writer's Block: Going boldly

Posted on 2011.29.05 at 18:36


Tanya Reed
tanyareed at 2011-06-03 02:01 (UTC) ()
(**points to pic** Hey, I made an icon with that pic, though I haven't loaded it yet. LOL I've always loved the way he looks looking through the barrels.)

Icons, graphics, banners...I am obsessing way too much over this story. I'm having so much fun writing possible scenes from throughout the story that I am seriously neglecting the beginning.

No worries about the snippets. They were more for opinions and comments and suggestions anyway, and they are from waaaay later in the story. I think I'll have the next chronological bit done enough to send you by Sunday, but, as always, take as much time as you need. You are not going to get any pressure from me whatsoever because I'm just happy that I have someone who actually wants to read this story. :)
try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
primroseburrows at 2011-06-03 21:50 (UTC) ()
Do you still want feedback on the snippets? I can do that! :D I'm at work and have a limited break time, but reading your story is a great way to spend it. <3
Tanya Reed
tanyareed at 2011-06-03 22:27 (UTC) ()
That would be awesome! (But, I'm probably too late. LOL I just got home from work.) I would like the feedback when you get the time, though.
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