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DT: other worlds
Posted on 2011.09.06 at 16:42


writergirl423 at 2011-06-10 11:57 (UTC) ()

Re: I miss you toooooooo!

I'm gonna have to write you an email one of these days.

I'm planning on starting the first book within days.


I may break down and get the kindle version.

A girl can hook you up.

I won't watch the movie until I've at least read the first book...

Definitely the way to go here. Also, it's not a movie, but an HBO series wherein each season equates roughly to one of the books in the series (four books so far, with the fifth of seven dropping next month). Presently there are two eps to go in the magnificent first season, so by the time you finish the first book, you'll be all set to watch the show. If the DVD set hasn't dropped yet, a girl can also hook you up.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm fanatical about both the books and the show, and I'm giddy that you're finally giving them a whirl! Oooh, and the opening credits of the show might be quite useful to you now. There are maps at the front of each book (absolutely necessary for readers to check out, and almost impossible to see in kindle format), but they're not near as fun to look at as this:
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