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beat the boredom that frames the lightning; beat the path of the ritual

Posted on 2011.16.09 at 07:59
where am I: It's almost fall in RI!
How I feel about it all: chipperchipper
Soundtrack: Headstones - Unsound
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Things accomplished so far today:

1.Read chapter in book.

2.Hung laundry on clothesline.

3.Fed cat and dog.

4.Finished loading/ran dishwasher.

5.Cleaned bathroom mirror.

6.Went for run/jog/walk (of which there was much with the running) which was brought to me by the Headstones, including this Song of Awesome. Thanks, Hugh! ♥

And now I have (7.) made an actual LJ entry (with links!), of which hopefully there will be many more. I miss LJ so much! Facebook is crack, but LJ is to be savoured (not unlike obscene telephone calls). :D

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