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Well, hi there, LJ!

Okay, so remember how I was looking for a fandom? I thought I'd mosey back into C6D (which I still adore and still want to be a part of), but then, um. I kind of fell headlong into Good Omens fandom (or back into it, since I was pussyfooting around the edges ages ago). Thank you, thank you, Neil Gaiman for making me remember how wonderful this story is (it's always been one of my favourite stand-alone books, and I used to have a copy autographed by both Neil and Sir Terry, which I left on a bus or train and no longer have, urgh), and thank you fic writers for reminding me how rich in story this fandom is. I eventually plan to write something, but now I'm just reading, reading, reading. And like I said, there's some really talented people writing for this fandom.

Here's a rec, and it's amazing, the best one I've found so far. So lovely and in-character and just really, really well written. It's a WIP, but she appears to be updating regularly.
I can't get the lj-cut thing to work (if the HTML has changed, please let me know how to do it), so I've stuck the link at the bottom.

Title/Author: The Name of the Star is Wormwood by LusBeatha
Fandom(s): Good Omens
Pairing(s): Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: Teen and up
Tags: aziraphale/crowley, fandom, fic recs, good omens, hi!, well i'm back

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