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LJ use Meme. Baa.

Journal created: 2002-06-17 08:03:14

Journal entries:262
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Comments received: 1,069

LJ History:

First Post: Made a post saying that I was finally going to use my LJ 'cause I paid for it, and how computer illiterate I was. Made one more post in June, then not another until October, with a ficlet. Yeah, I remember that I actually wrote once.

Two years ago: Really depressed, bad, bad Autumn. Felt like shit, crying a lot, working, going to school. I wish I'd had my LJ then. You probably don't. I was a mess.

18 months ago: Finishing up school.

One year ago: Two entries. One asking for Artemis Fowl/HP crossover fic, the other sending a photolink to way2.

Six months ago: One entry, fuming over Fred Phelps picketing Fred Rogers' memorial service, and talking about my donation to the Matthew Shepard Foundation in Mr. Rogers' name.

Three months ago: Long meme about er, me.

One month ago: One entry about Gee Dub's l33t poetry skillz.

Yesterday: Wished vanityfair a happy birthday, although she's on hiatus and might not see it for awhile.

Today: Just this entry, although I've thought about making about five.

And hey, guys? I haven't seen The Matrix: Revolutions or read Dark Tower 5: Wolves of the Calla yet. Could you possibly put any spoilers behind cut-tags? Thanks ever so.
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