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John McCutcheon is the love child of Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie. He's also got lotsa free downloads to get to know his music. He's got some great songs.

actually makes me think, hey, yeah, I guess I am patriotic, after all.

I can see it so clear
That very first time
At a game with my Dad
I was eight, maybe nine
We all rose to our feet
Before the ballgame could start
We took off our caps
And put our hands to our hearts

It was more than a banner
It was more than a song
I sang ‘cause I believed
I sang ‘cause I belonged
I sang for all those who dreamed
For all those who dared
Who looked to the heights
And our flag was still there

I see it passing on cars
I see it passing for war
I see it passing for patriotism
I have seen it before
I’ve seen it used as a weapon
To brand some as wrong
No one has the right, I will stand up and fight
To say I belong

And our flag is still there
For the saints and the sinners
Yes, our flag is still there
For all the losers and winners
For those who still dream
For those who still there
For the scorned and forgotten
Our flag is still there

Lawrence & Lexington
Concord & Kent
Seattle & Selma
We are born of dissent
And on this native ground
Blessed by immigrant blood
In that river of freedom
We’re all washed in the flood

It’s still there
Though we might disagree
If you are brave
In the land of the free
We have weathered so much
We have traveled so far
We are woven together
We are spangled with stars

So as we take off our caps
And as we all rise
Put our hands to our hearts
As we lift up our eyes
We begin with one question
We ask, “Oh, say, can you see?”
Stand and be strong, believe and belong
Be brave and be free

made me mad and a little weepy:

Clear Channel Communication
Sent a memo to their stations
Asking DJs to take care
With songs they play upon the air
That might upset, that might divide
That just might stem the growing tide
To send the country into war
Guess that’s what the media is for

To help the listeners of this nation
Clear Channel Communication
Made a list and sent it out
Of songs we should think twice about
One hundred sixty songs or so
To not hear on your radio
Mettalica, The Clash and Queen
AC/DC, Bruce Springsteen
Van Halen, Kansas, Jackson Browne
Dave Matthews, Pink Floyd, Three Doors Down
A huge and most impressive list
But as I read I said, “What’s this?”
Louis Armstrong’s on there too
Neil Diamond, him I always knew
Elvis, Peter, Paul & Mary
James Taylor, he was always scary
“Imagine,” “Peace Train,” “Get Together”
“He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”
As I read this litany
One awful thought came clear to me

I didn’t make this list
Though I’ve worked my whole life long
Twenty five recordings
They can’t find one lousy song?
It’s a slap in the face, an awful disgrace
What do I have to do
To make the grade and not be played
Like Sinatra and U2?

“How many songs must a folksinger write
“Before they’re forever banned?”

“Imagine there’s no airplay
“It’s easy if you try…”

I’ve always disagreed with folks who’ve said
The world is saved by songs
One thing I’ve learned from all of this
Is that I must be wrong
Some people think it’s dangerous
These things we sing and write
The pen is mightier than the sword
And I’m wielding mine tonight

No, I didn’t make the list
Though I’m really not surprised
I guess that means I can resist
When they’ve silenced all these other guys
I’m taking it well, I’m giving ‘em hell
It’s the only sane solution
So here’s a song, now sing along
And join the revolution

“Come on, people, now smile on your brother
“Everybody get together and love one another right now”

and this one, which is too good to put behind a cut tag:

Last night on TV there he stood
In a suit of somber blue
He said it was time for all Americans
To do what we must do
Take out your x-ray glasses
And your decoder rings
We need ordinary people
To keep an eye on things


I wanna be in Ashcroft’s Army
I wanna be a spy
I wanna watch my neighbor’s doings
Kiss your rights goodbye
In this legal devolution
Here’s your chance for retribution
Let’s just can the Constitution
I’m gonna be a spy

I wanna be in Ashcroft’s Army
I wanna be a fed
I might look like the meter man
But I’m a spy instead
Delivering pizza or the mail
Buddy, you can never tell
I’ll haul your sorry ass to jail
I’m gonna be a spy

I wanna be in Ashcroft’s Army
I wanna be a sleuth
I wanna catch some terrorists
Don’t worry ‘bout the truth
If I see you hanging ‘round
Wearin’ a turban and your skin is brown
You’re gonna take a ride downtown
I’m gonna be a spy

I wanna be in Ashcroft’s Army
I’m gonna be a mole
It’s time to show the rest of the world
Just who’s in control
John Ashcroft he said, “Now shame on you!”
Then the Vice President said it too
Don’t you question what we do
I’m gonna be a spy

I wanna be in Ashcroft’s Army
I wanna a G-Man
He used to be a Senator
But now he is a free man
He’s a Attorney General instead
‘Cause the people of Missouri said
We’d rather vote for a guy who’s dead
I’m gonna be a spy

I wanna be in Ashcroft’s Army
But still I’ve gotta wonder
Where was all this spying
When Adelphia went under
When Enron ran off with the loot
And Worldcom went right down the chute
Some terrorists wear pin-striped suits
I wanna be a spy

Go, now, listen, 'cause they're better with the music.
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