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Did you think I wouldn't jump at the chance to rant?

In no particular order, off the top of my head:

1. I think that Americans need a wake-up call about finding alternative sources to energy. We're a country of SUVs and not enough caring that we're destroying our planet with fossil fuels. It would be a hardship, but I'm for Americans paying three or four dollars a gallon for gasoline. Wake up and smell the MBTE, people. And you, Dubya, should be ashamed of yourself.

2. Medical circumcision (graphic link here) is a Bad Thing, unless it's medically necessary (and it's usually NOT). Looking like Daddy or making washing up easier are no excuses for mutilation.

3. I subscribe to the Consistent Life Ethic, which makes me a persona non grata in most political camps, especially among the liberals.

4. Babies should be born at home unless there's a real medical reason for a hospital birth. Statistics continue to show that homebirths are safer.

5. Infant formula should be available by prescription only (this idea isn't really mine, it's patchfire's, but it was so good I stole it). That way a doc can determine if a woman is really unable to lactate properly. Breast pumps should be available free of charge for working moms who need them. I'd pay a tax to make that happen.

6. Marijuana should be legalised, so that the War on Drugs can spend more time and money chasing the cocaine and heroin dealers.

7. George Bush should be impeached. He's violated at least as many laws as Bill Clinton. His violations are worse, because what Clinton did had nothing to do with National Security, and what Bush has done has everything to do with it.

8. Except for people who had family or friends who died in the 9/11 attacks, Americans need to Get Over It, People, and stop using it as a reason to support American invasions and occupations and supression of our civil rights. There are plenty of other countries who have to deal with acts of terrorism every single day.

9. I don't care about Michael Jackson. Listening to/Reading/Watching stories about him and his lunacy is like watching a train wreck. It's interesting for a while, but afterwords just makes you feel awful inside.

10. I like Howard Dean because I like Howard Dean. I'm not "settling" because I don't think some other candidate couldn't get elected. I'm not going to vote for him for any other reason than he's my candidate of choice, and if any other candidate were frontrunner I'd still vote for Dean. I perhaps didn't think this at the beginning of my research, but after reading about his platform and watching the way he's conducted his campaign, he's my guy.

Okay, guys, don't go defriending me all at once, okay?
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