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A foot and a half of partly cloudy

Posted on 2003.07.12 at 01:47
How I feel about it all: exhaustedexhausted
Soundtrack: My fingers and toes thawing
It's almost two a.m. I drove to work in the snow. I worked eight hours. Got out at eleven-thirty. I cleaned off my car and shoveled it out of the parking lot. I crawled home, at a pace where thirty was speeding. I arrived home to find that my driveway was MIA. I used the shovel and found it under about a foot and change of snow. I watched my poor dog struggle with looking for a place to pee in snow that came up to the top of her legs.

I have to work tomorrow evening. I feel more shovelling coming on.

I hate winter. Sleep now.


quiridion at 2003-12-07 04:32 (UTC) ()
Yikes! I knew you guys got cold winters but that is ridiculous. I'm still not wearing my winter jacket, it is so mild here. What do you work as that you finish at 11.30pm. That is yucky!

BTW, poor wee doggy. <3333333 My cat has the same problem when it snows. She's funny to watch though, 'cos you will see her when she hops and then when she lands, she disappears apart from her head. <3333333
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